The new attitudes of flight

Complete versatility distinguishes multifunctional environments where spaces can be
freely reinvented through a few personal, limitless gestures.

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The new attitudes of flight

The practical and creative personal requirements of each of us are interpreted by the elements that characterise the space and its function.

  • The cooking island made from a white lacquered structure plus the elegant sheet metal elements from the Radical programme contribute to this fresh and lively setting.
  • The colourful sheet metal accessories have been designed with two functions in mind; for their usefulness and as practical decorative elements.
  • Nordic charm: grip edges and black plinths are some of the options available for the Fly_04 collection.
  • Elmar’s reliability is enriched by a set of distinguishing elements that extend the space usable while interpreting the practical requirements of the user and his/her creativity.
  • The 6cm thick Jaipur worktop and the 106 cm high wall units give this linear arrangement a precious appearance.
  • The “Piemonte walnut melamine” finish combined with gloss white polymer creates warm atmospheres.
  • The upper door of the tall unit is fitted with a recessed handle for a practical and modern appeal while a C-shaped profile customises the bottom door.