The ideal playground

Each time your imagination runs away with you the rules can be freely
reinvented using the splendour of smooth, linear elements.

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The ideal playground

An energy-boosting space, a place able to lead you to rediscover the passion for cooking, a truly vibrant space in which you can feel good.

  • Eastern refinement at its best is set off in the incisive circular shape of the decor and in the hot and enveloping red tone.
  • Ergonomics, practicality and technological innovation are offered once again in the exclusive steel sliding table that increases worktop space and simplifies kitchen chores.
  • Playground is a system that features simplicity, distinguishing marks and character.
  • Persuasive and allusive hints and rich colour vibrations in a system that evokes faraway lands.
  • Domestic spaces can be interpreted in line with the most contemporary lifestyles thanks to the 75-cm wide modules and to the Easy table.
  • Even the pure and minimalist handle becomes a character of the story, an important architectural element full of personality.
  • Playground is life: a space where you can feel good and rediscover energy and passion while you work.
  • The pure and minimalist aluminium handle becomes an important design element full of personality.
  • The Cross Island is an innovative island system distinguished by a trestle-shaped leg. Its original and architectural shapes make it an elegant furnishing element with an airy and transparent appeal.