Only primary functions

Without fixed constraints and in their full formal essence that doesn’t recognise or impose a hierarchy. Creating radically distinguishing spaces.

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  • Radical modern and design kitchen by Elmar
  • Radical modern and design kitchen by Elmar
  • Elmar, Radical + Fly_04 version in all white
  • Radical modern and design kitchen by Elmar
  • Radical by Elmar, white kitchen
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Only primary functions

Once again, its main function is central to the kitchen: cooking. For oneself and for others while paying great attention to the quality of details.

  • In an elegant succession of glossy smooth surfaces alternated by very expressive and textured ones, radical enjoys complete freedom of arrangement in the centre of the room.
  • Radical’s free spirit lives at the centre of the domestic space, with its tubular white structure and the white Nikron top of its island fitted with a sink base unit and a dishwasher with a 75-cm door.
  • The formal essence of basic functions is individually represented: preparing, washing, cooking, preserving and displaying.